Yocaher Graphic Series Complete Lowrider Skateboards Longboard Black Widow Premium 80A Grip Tape Aluminum Truck ABEC7 Bearing

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Brand Yocaher
Colour Complete – Lowrider – 05 – New York
Age Range Adult
Deck length 40.75 Inches
Deck width 9.5 Inches

  • Concave Drop Through 9 ply Canadian maple
  • Q-Ball 70x52mm Wheels, 78A Hardness, Abec 7 bearings
  • 9.675 HD7 Heavy Duty Trucks, 180mm Hanger, Aluminum Alloy
  • Deck Size: 40.75 Long x 9.5 Wide


This board is designed for downhill speed and a wide turning radius. The lowered platform allows for greater stability at high speeds. This shape is designed specifically for the rider looking for more support on hard turns.

From the manufacturer

drop down through longboard complete

lowrider longboard


Griptape Design

Angle view of the truck

Perfect Concave

Quality wheels

Additional information

Weight 3.63 kg
Dimensions 25.4 × 10.16 cm
Age Range



‎Complete – Lowrider – 05 – New York


‎40 X 10

Frame material



‎40 inches


‎10 Pounds


‎10 inches


‎Drop Through

Material Type

‎Maple Wood

Wheel Size

‎70 Millimeters

Batteries Included?




Maximum Weight Capacity

‎250 Pounds

Item Model Number


Product dimensions

‎104.14 x 25.4 x 10.16 cm; 3.63 Kilograms



Date First Available

24 October 2019



10 thoughts on “Yocaher Graphic Series Complete Lowrider Skateboards Longboard Black Widow Premium 80A Grip Tape Aluminum Truck ABEC7 Bearing

  1. Sent wrong boardWe ordered a kick tail and received a drop, but it’s fine. I guess the one we were sent is more expensive but I wish we had been sent what we ordered. My daughter doesn’t want to return it because she’s too excited about it so it is what it is. It’s a pretty board! She loves it!

  2. Comes pre-assembled and ready to go. Great artwork too!In many ways, longboarding is a perfect way to get around. Between the smooth wheels, ease use, long board itself, and much more, longboarding is WAY better than walking most times. This is especially true on big college campuses, where you’ll see a lot of these boards. If you’ve never purchased a longboard before, all of the choices can be a bit intimidating… however, whether you’re looking for a first board, or just an awesome addition to your colelction, this one by Yocaher is a great choice.The board comes assembled, so as soon as you get the board in the mail, you can begin riding it. The artwork on the board is fantastic. From the artwork on the bottom of the board, to the grip tape artwork, and even the artwork on the wheels, it is clear that a lot of effort was put into making these boards. The bearings, wheels and trucks can of course be switched out, but the ones that are included are very good. The board handles very well and is great for adults, teenagers, and even kids (I weigh about 160 lbs., and the board felt very sturdy).If you’re looking for a board to help you get around campus or around town much quicker, or if you’re simply looking for a longboard, I really can’t recommend this one enough!

  3. comfy!Received this longboard in the mail much much quicker than expected and thus have had ample time to take it out and ride, and can happily say that I was not disappointed at all. It came ready to go right out of the box and didn’t need any adjustments. I enjoy just cruising around and this board is very good for that, comfy and just a little bit flexy but still sturdy if you wanna go fast. Turning radius is pretty decent. I might personally swap out the wheels later to fit my own preference but the wheels are otherwise just fine. It’s a very nicely made board and doesn’t feel cheap or rickety at all, it’s genuinely high quality and practical, and paired with the gorgeous graphic on the bottom and the nice design on the grip tape it’s great. You don’t have to worry about being snubbed on quality by this longboard, buying online can be a gamble but this one is genuinely worth it.

  4. Great Starter Board: Please Read More!I am happy with my purchase, but to elaborate. The board is great, rides as smooth as can be expected, and is extremely stable. The grip on the board is great. The shipping was fantastic, on time, and received in excellent condition. This is a perfect starter board for the price. However I would suggest a few changes. If you are a lighter rider, the board does not turn easily. The bushings are pretty hard plastic, which is durable however it will make turning difficult. I am 140 lbs, and I get an OK turn if I put all of my weight into it. My girlfriend is 110, and can’t get much of a turn if at all. Bushings are cheap, do your research there are many varying durability (hardness) and you will get a lot more out of your board in terms of maneuverability ($15 for new bushings). Also, the bearings are fine, but the wheels have no spacers between them, so you can not tighten the nut all the way to the bearings. This means that the wheels will wobble if you attempt any higher speeds, and if you kick out to slow down, you run the risk of damaging your bearings and causing them to be less efficient ($5 for spacers). Great Board, would buy another!

  5. Amazing deck, okay everything elseThis us a great board! The deck is what shines on this board. The trucks and wheels/bearings aren’t that great but they get the job done. Buyers beware you will eventually scratch the bottom over a drop if it’s too steep of a drop but it’s not a big deal. Overall a super sturdy and LOW board which is great for long distance and parking garages lol. I plan on getting 90mm wheels soon to set it off the ground a little more and make for a smoother ride. Not too sure how the wheel clearance is going to work out though but I’ll figure it out somehow.

  6. Amazing board, trucks were too tight but easily fixedThe board itself is perfect, it’s thicker compared to other ones I’ve tried so it’s sturdy and rides very smoothly. When I first got it though the turning was almost impossible, it would be perfect for going in a straight line but all I had to do to fix it was just loosen the trucks because they were way too tight. But it was definitely worth the purchase.

  7. but I’m thoroughly pleased! The stock parts aren’t top of the lineI’ve only had this out riding once so far, but I’m thoroughly pleased! The stock parts aren’t top of the line, but they’re pretty darn good. I didn’t feel the need to make any adjustments, and this thing was fast right out of the box. I swapped out the bearings for Redz, because I had them around and why not, but the abec 7s it comes with are totally sufficient. I bought some bushing, based on reviews, but, really, had no trouble at all with turns. It’s a solidly built board but still has a good amount of flex, for me. And the graphic is gorgeous. All in all, you really can’t do better for the price, and I can’s wait to get back out on it!

  8. Great board! Great value!Great for beginners! Not only is the wolf design beautiful, but it came ready to ride out of the box. I am new to longboards, so I use this for cruising only at this time. It feels sturdy and it didn’t take me long at all to feel secure riding. Very happy with this purchase.

  9. Great boardShipped much faster than expected.Came in tack and packed very well.The board and truck looks great quality, very fast to go downhill and uphill.Overall, love the board quality and build.I loosened the truck screw to make it turn a little more than how it came with out of box.

  10. First Time Long BoarderWhat i like about this product is the built and design of it. The special built of this boards shapes a beginner into a advance long boarder. What i dislike about this product is the wheels were way too loose after riding it over two weeks. the bearings and guts of one wheels became undone. I used this long boarder as my beginner board for practice and to get used to the feel of it.

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