Wheelspeed Electric Scooter, 10″ Pneumatic Tires, 32-40KM & 25KM/H(Pro Ver. 56-64 KM & 30 KM/H) Commuting E-Scooter, 350W

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Brand Wheelspeed
Colour Black
Age Range Adult
Special feature Portable, Lights, Wide Platform, Safe, Foldable
Weight limit 265 Pounds

  • All-New 1S Folding Mechanism – The Wheelspeed WS1 electric scooter features an unique quick fold-n-release system. You can easily fold and unfold this e-scooter by pulling the Red Circle within 1 second. It’s great convenience for portability and storage, you can take it on the subway, bus and car. Max Weight Load: 120 KG.
  • Powerful 350W Motor – Wheelspeed WS1’s strong 350W high torque motor can overcome most of rough roads and inclines with ease. You can easily achieve max speed of 25 KM/H, and the motor works quietly but maintains a low power consumption. Dual braking system make sure you can safely stop the scooter within seconds.
  • Long Range City Commuting – The Wheelspeed WS1 escooter equipped with large capacity and high energy battery and superior Wheelspeed battery management system, you can reach travel range up to 35 KM under optimum conditions. Quickly press the power button four times to switch between MPH and KM/H.
  • Commute With Comfort – 10″ Shock Absorbing Pneumatic Tires and Rear Shock Absorber brings up fantastic comfortable riding experience. 55 CM*17 CM (L*W) deck with large soft anti-slip pedal makes both of your feet comfort to step on. The cruise control can free your right hand during a long distance of commuting.
  • Multifunctional LED Console – WS1 smart LED console can show speed, battery life, speed mode and cruise control, and is clearly visible in sunlight. Push Assist Mode brings up great convenience for pushing the scooter while walking or when it is low battery. LED headlight, rear braking light and pedal light ensure safe night commuting.


Product Description

electric scooter long range

Additional information

Weight 18.5 kg
Dimensions 17 × 40 cm
Age Range


Brake type

‎Front EABS + Rear Braking



Material Type


Number of Items



‎Portable, Lights, Wide Platform, Safe, Foldable


‎Cycling, Scootering


‎Rear Suspension

Wheel Size

‎10 Inches

Included Components


Batteries Included?




Maximum Weight Capacity

‎265 Pounds



Item Model Number


Product dimensions

‎120 x 17 x 40 cm; 18.5 Kilograms




1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

20 October 2022


‎Shenzhen Pinxing New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., ‎Wheelspeed

10 thoughts on “Wheelspeed Electric Scooter, 10″ Pneumatic Tires, 32-40KM & 25KM/H(Pro Ver. 56-64 KM & 30 KM/H) Commuting E-Scooter, 350W

  1. You can feel the passion on the wheelIn short, this electric scooter is worth of its price.350W Powerful MotorThough you can only reach top speed of 25 KM/H, but you can still feel the strong power and high-torque during acceleration. It’s strong eough to overcome most of uneven surface and small hills.Comfortable Riding ExperienceOnce you stand on the wide deck, you can feel both of your feet obtain great support. And you can also feel comfortable due to rear suspension and 10″ pneumatic tires. They can absorb most of small bumpy or shock.Super Cool Deck LightI really like the atmosphere light beside the deck. The dynamic blue light looks so cool in the dark. It can light up the way, and can alarm vehicles behind to increase safety. This deck light can even flash as a braking light when you hold the hand brake. That’s cool!Portable Folding MechanismI have to say the folding system is unique and easy to use. You just need to pull the red cycle on the stem to achieve fold and unfold effects. It’s far friendly to the new users of electric scooter.

  2. May Have To Return This; Impossible to Fold/UnfoldI purchased this as an alternative to spending so much on Uber every week. Unfortunately while I enjoyed both the test ride and 1 subsequent ride, I may have to return it due to issues with the folding/unfolding mechanism. I ended up having to call an Uber midride and drop this back off where I was staying because I could not fold it back down. The Uber driver and I spent 15 minutes trying to fold it and place it in the car before finally just letting the handle bar hang out of the open trunk…this was early in the morning. Ive tried and tried but this folding ring is not working properly. If i cant fold it/carry it, I cant use it and its then a waste of money.

  3. Very satisfied!It’s was a great purchase. Everything is working. The only problem I have with this scooter is that it’s hard to unfold!

  4. Great Value, and so much fun.Me and my wife bought these WheelSpeed WS1 Electric Scooter’s to have another way to get out and have some fun adventures together, and we have enjoyed them so very much yesterday when we took them to downtown Indy, we went everywhere downtown with them including the circle. Me and my wife both highly recommend these electric scooters, don’t hesitate to buy them, they seem to be of great quality and performance. They have two speed modes, first speed mode is for 10 MPH speed, and with the second speed mode we got them up to 15 MPH. And I think after 5 to 8 seconds of consistent speed being at 15 mph in second speed mode…..automatic cruise control will engage which is a awesome feature on a electric scooter. All of the LED lighting on the scooter is very noticeable which is great for night time riding. And the bright LCD screen lets you know how fast you are going, how much charge is on your scooter battery, and what mode you are in, also shows that your headlight is on. Buy this electric scooter we highly recommend the WheelSpeed WS1 electric scooter…..5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  5. Low-power version for $399 doesn’t go fast or farI really love this scooter — and I’m a woman in my 60s! But I wish I had spent the $200 extra to get the more powerful one. I have to manually push this up hills and can only get about 9 miles out of a fully charged battery. Much less powerful or durable than the Lime or Lyft ones you can rent on the street in many cities.Do your research. If you want a sweet little scooter to run some local errands or commute to nearby work and plug it in there to recharge, then this is a good deal. But you can’t change out a battery Pack so you have to wait a full 6 hours for it to recharge.

  6. Speed and quality pro has bothThe media could not be loaded.

     Hi updated review says 15 but its too slow and battey last 47 min reg version pro is worth the difference faster longer range double the range of regular model yes im 52 years old and this was my first scooter i order pro version. Also cant get wet other wise you will reck so not waterproof they should tell tou this in description also only 8.7amp 37v batery in reg version and 14.5amp pro but I have to put my weight into consideration but still never drop below 25 kph on reg version and 30 kph on pro very nice scooter need to get pro version will change this is a great value for the price quality but pro version I’m 200lb and sons does 31 kph and it make a big difference 6kph makes a world of difference and fun that’s what it’s all about I recommend this scooter and go for pro version if you can worth it more range and speed update I just got pro version what a difference I highly recommend you spend the difference between ws1 is great but 30kph and black version 25kph max Reg version 8.7amp 37v pro 14.5amp you get a hour of fun none stop at 30kph battery is much better in pro version and Worth the extra money as I have both scooter so if you want a great scooter and has the looks great bright lights at night i.am still testing I will put video review soon I highly recommend buying pro version is worth the difference and you will take me double the battery life even though it’s not double the battery as ws1 8.7amp battery and pro 14.5amp this make the whole difference and is faster than regular version highly recommend this pro version scooter will update wh of battery and still have to put though a few more cycles update it really goes far got 1hour 24 min alsost full power most of time got 41 km very very good battery pack inside highly recommend also night light turns on by itself when it gets dark very good feature now that it’s on sale for 639 pro version you will get 45km you don’t have to worry about battery dieing 14.5amp battery pack grade a cells

  7. Even goes up hillsI had been considering a scooter for a while but had doubts it could get up the big hill in my commute. Happy to report that this scooter was able to handle it no problem, going around 10mph uphill. The range is great and I like the different speeds it has as well as the lighting it has during evening rides. The only thing I noticed is that if it’s left outside in cold weather, it might not have optimal performance. One day I was crawling up the same hill at 3mph, and the only difference that I could tell was that the scooter was left outside overnight (40F). Overall would definitely recommend!

  8. Do not expect any more than 20 km on the pro version ws1I bought both ws1 and ws1 pro the pro says it has 400 watt motor that is false it has the same 350 w as the ws1 and both get the same battery range going on the same trail at the same time with around the same amount of weight on both scooters so don’t waste the extra money on the pro it’s not worth it I feel like I got ripped off the ws1 is the exact same scooter

  9. 50% deliveryFirst scooter arrived, obviously a broken returned item, was not wrapped, missing parts, broken plug. Second delivery was PERFECT. Properly wrapped, all parts were in the box. Plugged in and charged within 6 hours. First ride was great, ran for 1 hour and 10 minutes (used half a charge) on flat pavement, varying speeds 10 – 15 mph. Undocumented feature: cruise control automatically sets when holding a constant speed. Display gives a short beep, no other indication until you try to coast. Cruise kicks off when pushing throttle or squeezing brake.

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