Schwinn Volare 1300 Men’s Drop Bar Road Bike, 700C Wheels Medium Frame Size

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Bike type Road Bike
Age Range Adult
Brand Schwinn
Number of speeds 14
Colour Green

  • Road bike with aluminum rigid fitness frame and rigid fork. 28-Inch wheels fit riders 64 to 74 inches tall
  • 14-speed shifters provide smooth and easy gear changes
  • Alloy crank with double chain rings offers optimal gearing, Alloy caliper brakes provide crisp, quick stopping and steady speed control
  • High profile double wall alloy rims are light and strong for added durability
  • Featuring a sport saddle and alloy seat post keep the bike light and the ride comfortable


Don the lycra and your helmet, the 700c Schwinn Volare 1300 is your ticket to meeting your personal fitness goals or riding in a favorite charity ride. Backed by a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the bike, the Volare 1300 road bike features an aluminum road frame, 14-speed shifters with integrated alloy caliper brakes and rear derailleur. Schwinn alloy three-piece cranks provide optimal gearing and less maintenance, while high profile double wall alloy rims add durability without weighing you down. 28c sport tires are fast and fun, and the Schwinn sport seat and alloy seat post help soften the ride. This bike is lightweight and great for road and pavement riding. You’ll be ahead of the pack in no time. Enjoy the freedom of riding a Schwinn.

Additional information

Weight 13.52 kg
Dimensions 72.64 × 21.59 cm
Age Range


Bike Type

‎Road Bike

Brake type





‎21-Inch Frame


‎Volare 1300

Frame material


Frame Size

‎21 Inches

Material Type


Number of Items


Number of speeds



‎Lightweight, Aluminum Frame





Wheel Size

‎28 Inches

Included Components


Batteries Included?






Item Model Number


Package Dimensions

‎132.08 x 72.64 x 21.59 cm; 13.52 Kilograms



Date First Available

‎12 March 2018


‎Pacific Cycle, Inc., ‎Schwinn

10 thoughts on “Schwinn Volare 1300 Men’s Drop Bar Road Bike, 700C Wheels Medium Frame Size

  1. Okay for the priceThere’s nothing fundamentally wrong with this bike, but there was some definite cost shaving going on that will affect your experience. The most notable issue is the brake levers – their manufacturer, Power Bicycle, claims them to be suitable for side pull calipers (i.e. what this bike comes with) or linear-pull V-brakes. Pretty sure they were actually designed for the latter, though, so the brakes have an odd, unresponsive feel – yes, they’ll stop the bike, but not as readily as would be desired. Replacing both levers and blocks is roughly a fifty dollar venture, and probably worth it. One other noticeable cheap-out moment came with the cranks (Prowheel brand, couldn’t locate a model number) – rivets with a little fake hex cut in to look like bolts (i.e. for replaceable chainrings) – really? Tires (Chaoyang brand/Hangzhou Rubber Factory) are plastic-y and lack grip, even after allowing some mileage for them to break in, but I did not have the issue other reviewers reported with punctures – I suspect some chose to ignore the recommended inflation pressures (check the sidewall). Some people will also knock on the thumb lever shifters, and while I understand that integrated shifters require less hand movement, there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the shifters that come with this bike. The front is a friction shifter, however, but with two chainrings it isn’t a huge issue, and has the unintended benefit of allowing fine adjustment to eliminate chain rub on the front derailleur in crossed gears. The rear cogs are of the freewheel type, which, while they function just fine, are not easy to track down replacements for if needed; further, if you want to upgrade the drivetrain beyond 7-speed, you’ll need to replace the rear hub.There are some really strong positives to this bike, though. The aluminum frame is sturdy, and not as heavy as steel, though this bike still weighs in on the heavy side. Rims are also aluminum, and have a machined braking surface. The wheels showed up true and stayed true – not always a given, sadly. For all the hate people give Shimano’s Tourney not-groupset, it’s still reliable – no issues whatsoever with the rear half of this drivetrain.Overall, for the price, this is a decent value, but it does show some cut corners.A few assembly notes: once you put it together according to the directions, go back and check the following:rear derailleur adjustment – mine actually arrived adjusted pretty perfectly, but it should still be checked. Look up how if you don’t know – this is a maintenance skill you will need to learn at some point anywaypedals threaded into correct crank arms ALL the way – you may not be able to accomplish this with an ordinary adjustable wrench – it may be too thick. Either get a pedal wrench or find a crescent thin enough to fit between pedal and crank. If you don’t do this right, the pedals will strip the threads out of the crank arms and fall off – it’s steel vs. aluminum – not a design flaw, just demands proper assembly.front derailleur adjustment – set the limiter screws so you can’t throw the chain clean off the rings. Again, if you don’t know how, look it up.tighten the headsetcheck brake adjustment – mine shipped way too loose, requiring the brake levers be pulled all the way to the bars for the brakes to make contact with the rims.Finally, on your test ride, listen for sounds. If it isn’t the sound of tires on pavement or wind noise, it’s telling you something needs to be fixed.

  2. great bike, difficult assemblyLet me start by saying the bike is great. That being said I ran into several issues.The assembly instructions are pretty horrible. It is not Volare 1300 specific but rather “Schwinn road bike”. I’m a pretty handy guy and have never had issues assembling furniture, etc. Many confusing instructions… starting with required tools. I had to figure out a lot on my own. Literally no instructions for how to add gear shifters on front of bike, proper placement, the front reflector, how to tighten handlebars, etc.Once I assembled the bike the gears were not working properly… it is ridable but again there’s no instructions for how to adjust the gears, tighten certain parts or how they work for someone who doesn’t have bike experience. Several youtube videos helped me way more than the instruction booklet (which also had pages misprinted).Overall, i’ve really enjoyed the bicycle and it rides nice. I have to wait until after the pandemic to get my gears properly working by taking it into a pro bike shop (which will probably cost me a minimum of $50). Out of the 14 speeds about 6 work for me without the chain scraping my gear shifters.TLDR: bike is great 4/5, assembly instructions 2/5, if you don’t have bicycle gear experience you’ll need an expert to help adjust.

  3. Color may not be what you expect! Volare 1300Purchase this bike as a starter for exercising purpose. Assembly was not difficult, but minor adjustments are necessary to fit expectations. The bike seems relatively fast and gears worked as expected for the price point. I took it for a spin a couple times after assembly.., my only concern so far is the seat, it is not designed for continuous riding. Padded underwear or seat upgrade is a must.

  4. Too expensive for what you get nowEDIT (One year later):The bike survived daily riding over the year (except winter, it was stored while I rode the mountainbike). Here are my findings.The wheel hubs will need attention, the factory grease, especially in the rear wheel hub, is insufficient. You will need to clean and re-grease it. Also, be prepared to replace the chain, assuming you ride daily. I found it stretched out of spec fairly quick (likely an entry level chain was factory spec).The tires need to be replaced, as well. The side walls began to split and crack at the start of this riding season.I also changed the brake shoes last year and got a marginal improvement on braking, although I would still say it is poor. A better set of calipers would make a huge impact here.As I mentioned in my original review, the factory installed freewheel is very poor quality, I replaced it on day one with a Shimano one I had in my spare parts bin. Once I removed it, I dissected it and saw it had virtually no grease and it was missing ball bearings.Summary > given all the little faults, poor quality parts and now the new price ( I bought this for $480 in 2021) I felt the review needed a reality check. From 4 stars to 2.Original review:A good entry level road bike, but might not be great for those less mechanically inclined.The ride is pretty good, but a couple components definitely need to be checked/addressed.The freewheel is extremely low quality, I replaced it right away, after a quick test ride down the street. It made awful clunking noise. When I opened the freewheel up, it was missing some ball bearings and had virtually no grease in it. Luckily, I had a good Shimano 6 speed freewheel handy, with the same top and bottom range (14 – 28T).The next gripe I have with this bike is the brake pads. They do not have good stopping power. I’m going to swap them out for better pads, which should help reduce the stopping distance.Besides those items, the bike does ride and handle fairly well.Just make sure to take your time with assembly and check all major components, nut and bolts. I did find some loose bolts from factory.

  5. Buy it in store if possibleGreat bike for the price but the process it took to arrive was less than desirable. Shop in store if possible, save the hassle.

  6. Do not buy it ignored you have a very high concernVery very poor bike. Delivery box broken and missing parts. Brakes are all damaged and the shifters doesn’t click

  7. Needed further repairs upon deliveryGot this assembled/ tuned by a bike technician and he immediately noticed 2 problems regarding the rear hub and bottom bracket. Reached out to amazon and the rep did not bother to help me. Simply said “okay” and told me to return. In the end, Both parts needed to be fixed and ended up costing me an additional $100.

  8. AverageBike was OK. One wheel came bent and needed to be trued. A couple scratches as well. Possibly just a shipping issue. Otherwise it was a decent bike for the price

  9. Rear tire tubeTook about an hour to assemble the bike and found out that I couldn’t pump air on the rear tire due to defective tube.

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