RENPHO Smart Jump Rope and RENPHO Auto Resistance Exercise Bike for Zwift, Fitness Skipping Rope with APP Data Analysis, AI

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Special feature Speed Monitor, Foldable, Adjustable Seat
Colour 03-Gray Exercise Bike
Power Source Electric

  • Auto Resistance for Zwift, mimicking the Incline: Automatically adjusts the pedaling resistance in real-time according to the terrain in Zwift without constantly making resistance adjustments to the bike, which is painful and breaks momentum. Ride and sweat together with the world’s bikers and compete in the Zwift community.
  • 70+ Free Classes by AI Gym App(No Membership Required): The AI Gym app provides 15 Professional Coach Video Classes, 9 Scenic Rides, 5 Map Rides, and 45 Riding Challenges without extra cost and subscriptions. Whether you are looking for a sweat-inducing fat burn session, steep hills that will give an intense leg pump, fast speeds for a thrilling cardio burst, or a leisurely scenic ride. This indoor cycling bike can do it all. [NOTE: Tablet Not Included]
  • AI-optimized workouts: Functional threshold power(FTP) training & customized training-The AI tech algorithmically calibrates workouts to help you achieve fitness goals based on your FTP training zones. Riders will train with real-time power, cadence, time, calorie, and heart rate (Apple Watch & ANT+ heart rate monitors connected) to understand and optimize their effort during cycling workouts.
  • Compact Home Gym: This exercise bike features adjustable handlebars (height) and saddle (height/distance) to suit riders between 4’11” to 6’1″ (max weight 265lbs). Equipped with a smooth freewheel design, the AI bike ensures the utmost safety and allows for a seamless brake-free experience in a compact frame. Compact Footprint 3.1’x1.4′(4.3 sq.ft). Assembled dimensions 40″ L x 20″ W x 49″ H. To protect the floor or carpet from damage, place a mat under the Bike. (Mat not included)
  • Quiter and Smart Motor Damping Design: The permanent magnet brushless servo motor provides both self and up to 80 auto-adjusting digital resistance levels to offer a smooth and quiet ride so you won’t wake the family with your late-night cycling! The straps pedals can be swapped out for others with clip-in/toe cage/SPD. A premium airflow saddle offers comfortable riding. Note: We don’t recommend standing up riding on AI bike.
  • Winner of 2022 Good Housekeeping Fitness Award: “Automatically and intelligently adjust the resistance through the connected software and that it was pretty comfortable.” commented by the experts at Good Housekeeping, an institution with 137 years of testing behind every product, two decades of sharing daily tips and news online, and more than 1,200 editions.


Product Description

exercise bike

Each family member can connect their AI Gym app to the RENPHO AI Smart Bike and create individual profiles to track their own progress privately.

Featuring an adjustable(4-way) seat and handlebars(2-way) to match the riders between 4’11” to 6’1″, max weight 265lbs.

exercise bike

exercise bike

The 1st AI Smart Exercise Bike. A Revolutionary Workout Experience

  • Optimize Your Training with the Smartest Bike
  • Auto Resistance Available on AI Gym APP
  • Truly Personalized Experience for Everyone
  • Workout Anytime at Home
  • Gift Access to Fitness Classes
  • What’s in the Box?
  • AI Smart Exercise Bike
  • User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Hardware
  • Tools
  • (Tablet Not included)

RENPHO Revolutionary AI Smart Bike with Auto-Resistance

The RENPHO indoor AI cycling bike tailors itself to your power level and biometric data to provide a completely personalized selection of training programs. It is capable of automatically modifying resistance based on your power output, goals, and cadence to get the best results possible for your workout. Suitable for all ages at any fitness level.

  • AI Gym app with 70+ classes (no membership required)
  • 80 Digital resistance levels with auto-follow
  • Personalized AI lose weight program
  • Belt drive with silent smart motor damping
  • Enhanced Bluetooth connectivity
  • Sync with Apple Health and Google Fit
  • Compatible with Apple Watch and ANT+ heart rate monitors
  • Real-time metrics including RPM, power, cadence, resistance and calories

smart bike

  • Personalized AI

Progress quickly with Weekly Training Programs custom-tailored to your individual level of preference.

  • Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Training

FTP training for Beginner, Fat Burn, Endurance and Muscle Strength with automated resistance changes based on your cadence and other biometric data. Riders can train with real-time graphs for power, cadence range, FTP zones, time and more for a limitless array of workouts.

  • Video Coaching

Follow along with Les Mills professional trainers as they lead you through a wide variety of premium classes. Whether you are looking for sweat-inducing fat burn session, steep hills that will give an intense leg pump, fast speeds for a thrilling cardio burst, or a leisurely scenic ride; this indoor cycling bike can do it all.

  • Scenic Rides Alongside Other Users

Ride along our virtual trails and experience unique travel destinations on your RENPHO Al Smart Bike without leaving home.

upright bike

upright bike

upright bike

upright bike

80 Dynamic Digital Auto-Resistance Levels

RENPHO AI Bike featuring a knob-style, 80-step fluid digitally-controlled resistance system. The auto-follow resistance will work with all classes on the AI Gym app because it is controlled by the target metrics you see displayed on your rides. The digital knob can also be used to manually control other functions such as cadence.

Enhanced Bluetooth Connectivity

Connect with popular cycling apps such as Peloton (iOS only), Kinomap. Ride and sweat it out together with RENPHO rider.

Auto Resistance available on AI Gym.

Smart Motor Damping Technology

Permanent magnet brushless servo motor provides both self and auto adjusting resistance (80 dynamic digital resistance levels) to offer a smooth and quiet ride that will not wake the family with your late-night cycling!

Standard Straps Pedals

Put on a pair of your favorite sneakers and tighten the fit to your preference using the pedal strap. The RENPHO AI Smart Bike comes with a standard pedal mount/fitment/threads so you can replace them with toe cages or Look Deltas based on your riding preference.

bike trainer

bike trainer

bike trainer

bike trainer

Premium Airflow Saddle

The RENPHO AI Smart Bike comes with a premium seat saddle that provides extra comfort with its ergonomic design and memory foam padding (26.6 cm x 23.3 cm x 7.6 cm)

Fully Adjustable Seat

Saddle height and saddle distance can be incrementally adjusted to maximize comfort and offer a personalized fit for riders of all sizes. (Fore/aft and up/down)

Transport Wheels and Stabilizer Feet

Front-end wheels allow for easy relocation of the bike while stabilizer feet eliminate shaking.

USB Power Port

RENPHO AI bike comes with a built-in USB charging port at the bottom front of the handlebar which can be used to charge your Smartphone, Tablet and iPad while you work out.

air bike

  • AI Bike and Apple Watch Heart Rate Monitor Sync

AI Gym app lets you pair your Apple Watch with the RENPHO AI Smart Bike to use as a heart rate monitor. Use your real-time heart rate to understand and optimize your cadence during cycling workouts. Better understand your fitness and cardio level (available on FTP training/coach courses).

The AI Gym app syncs with Apple Health/Google Fit so you can track your statistics easily.

  • Compatible with ANT+ Heart Rate Monitors

Reach your goals by using heart rate data to optimize efficiency during cycling workouts. Devices list: Polar H10, Wahoo TICKR, SCOSCHE R+2.0, CooSpo 808S, MOOFIT HR6, and more.

  • Specification:

Power: Input: AC100-240V, 0.6A 50/60Hz; Rated Input: 12V–1.5A; Rated Power:18W

Net Weight: 35kg/77lbs; Gross Weight: 40kg/88lbs

Footprint: 3.3′ x 1.7′(4.3 sq.ft)

Max User Height Allowed: 4’11” to 6’1″; Max User Weight: 265 lbs

Assembled Dimensions: 40″ L x 20″ W x 49″ H; Package Dimensions: 39″ L x 10.6″ W x 34.6″ H/ 990 x 270 x 880 mm;

Seat Size: 26.6 cm x 23.3 cm x 7.6 cm

Frame: Carbon structural steel

Power Range on AI Gym App: Male 371W, Female 313W; Power Accuracy: ≥90%

  • Warnings and Disclaimers: To protect the floor or carpet from damage, place a mat under the AI Bike. (Mat not included)

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 86.36 × 25.4 cm
Bike Type

‎Road Bike


‎03-Gray Exercise Bike

Drive system

‎External Hex


‎20 inches


‎40 inches


‎49 inches


‎Heart Rate, Time, Distance

Power Source



‎Speed Monitor, Foldable, Adjustable Seat

Batteries Included?




Item Model Number


Product dimensions

‎96.52 x 86.36 x 25.4 cm; 35 Kilograms



Date First Available

25 May 2021



10 thoughts on “RENPHO Smart Jump Rope and RENPHO Auto Resistance Exercise Bike for Zwift, Fitness Skipping Rope with APP Data Analysis, AI

  1. Luv my Renpho bikeLove cycling but weather has been wet or windy so decided to buy an exercise bike. Found this one on Amazon at a decent price. Been using it most days for several months now and it has surpassed my expectations. I use it with the Rouvy app which has augmented virtual reality routes. Works well. Resistance changes depending on the terrain. Rouvy and Renpho is a great combination – I can cycle real routes around the world that I may not have a chance to visit. It is sturdy, pedals well, ipad and drink bottle holders are good and the usb charging port is useful. I don’t know what the much more expensive bikes have that Renpho does not but I am well satisfied with this purchase. Highly recommended.

  2. Nice AI Exercise Bike!Completely happy with mine!! This is the third thing I have bought from renpho. These guys don’t let me down one bit. I have a renpho smart scale, muscle massage gun and now finally the AI SMART BIKE !!!The AI bike makes such a great addition to my renpho collection. I basically use the bike every single day. I can just hop on when I’m bored at home and start pedaling at whatever resistance I want. If I am feeling like a full serious workout, the bike also does that now that I hooked up the app. I can select whatever program and try to go against the resistances that the computer trainer sets for me. It can be an intense workout and if you want to take ur workout super seriously check out the FTP training/. There are a ton of different classes!! Even some are recorded in a workout studio with professional trainers to coach you through the sessions. It is nice that they give you these training sessions for free, I know a lot of different brands charge extra for this type of stuff.I should also mention that the renpho customer service people are amazing. I called to request more information on the bike before I purchased and they were able to answer all of my questions. This made me feel better about ordering the bike because the bike was the most expensive purchase I have made from them yet.Im definitely happy all around, its a nice bike and it pairs nicely with all of the other renpho fitness products that I am using now. Loving my AI bike. Many thanks renpho!!

  3. HAPPY AND HEALTH 2022, RENPHOI gifted myself the RENPHO AI Smart Bike as a part of my 2022 New Year Resolution to get back into shape. Last year my gym membership was a total waste of money and super expensive, so I bought the RENPHO bike to push me to workout more while I am stuck at home.I ride my RENPHO bike every morning before getting ready for work and it has quickly become essential to my routine. There is an App that goes with the bike and allows me to follow along with special training courses that are customized to my own ability. This feature is amazing because it makes each course feel like a real outdoor bike ride. When I hit a trail on the App and start pedaling uphill, I can feel the resistance change accurately. And when I finally gain momentum, the resistance lowers and I can start to speed up. A definite calorie burner! Apparently this is because RENPHO has designed the bike with a “freewheel” design that doesn’t rely on basic magnetic resistance like other indoor bikes do. This is why the ride feels so smooth and natural.Even when I use different Scenic Rides, I can tell that the bike programs my intensity to my own output (which it track and shows on the App screen). This is super impressive and has made riding way more enjoyable, I have to say!I am a definite believer in the AI Smart Bike already. I have felt a huge improvement in my day to day energy after adding this into my routine. Five stars for sure, so happy with this purchase!

  4. Better than a typical resistance bike and no subscription!Delivery was prompt. The bike is quiet enough to watch a show while using it. I like to set the workload, and the bike adjusts the resistance depending on if I’m pedalling fast or slow.

  5. A Zwift bike for $500!Really surprised how good this is $500, it’s not your bike on a high end wheel off trainer, but for the money you get a great Zwift compatible bike. I changed the seat and pedals out. So at 5’10” I would say it is past max height. Fluffy saddles don’t work for me, so a smaller firm saddle reduced the overall height. The training modes in Zwift are perfect for this bike, set your workout and put Zwift in ERG mode and not much to complain about. Outside of ERG, just in the regular Zwift worlds the resistance change can be a little lagging and kind of harsh. Sounds like there maybe an update for that though. If you are not Zwift racing, and you are under 6 ft, this will probably work pretty good for you.

  6. Good for the priceI’ve had this for a month now and used a fair bit.I’ll start with the negatives.If you’re looking for something to use with Zwift then I don’t think this is it. It connects to Zwift just fine but I didn’t find it as intuitive as it really needs to be, especially if you’re considering racing. For just general pootling it would be fine but that’s a bit of a waste of your Zwift subscription.Connected to that is the power accuracy. +/-10% is a lot, especially if you’re racing. Fine if it overestimates but under and you’re really up against it.Pedal stroke is very slightly choppy at times.That’s all quite nit picking though but unless it’s absolutely perfect 5* wouldn’t be a fair review. As for the positives….I’ve been using the bike with Wahoo’s SYSTM app and the Sufferfest. For this, it’s been perfect.Power changes are pretty immediate and stable, hold your cadence and the bike will hold power.It connects to the app immediately and I’ve had no issues with drop outs.ERG mode has been seamless to dateThe bike is quiet, really quiet.It’s stable, even at high cadences.It’s comfortable for longer sessions.There’s now a water bottle holder included.I paid £499 for this with a special voucher. For that price, and for what I use it for, its ideal. It does connect with Zwift and will work but if you’re serious about racing on there I’d consider a decent turbo trainer instead.

  7. 自動で負荷調整2週間ほど使用しました。自動負荷で負荷Wが表示されるので使いやすい。FTPは40W位低く表示する感じがした。負荷が上がってくるとモーター音?コッコッコッって音が出る程度で、静かで良いと思います。

  8. Great bike, but the AI Gym? Not so muchI need to start this off by saying I am not an athlete. I’m a 58-year-old woman with a disability that affects my balance and walking. I use a walker to get around at all times and have to wear ankle braces when I leave the house. It isn’t like I can go to a gym and lift weights or run on a treadmill. I had a traditional, upright exercise bike that I put well over 5000 miles on over a course of years and frankly, I just couldn’t do it anymore. That bike was fine, but I was so bored and I just didn’t want to do it anymore. I’ve also had the bike for a little over a month and ride it most days.My husband started shopping around for something else. I knew there were spin classes online, but they weren’t going to work with the exercise bike. I didn’t want a Peleton for a variety of reasons. In addition that, I had to accommodate my disability. He found this bike. It wasn’t overly expensive, had it’s own app for workouts (you do need a tablet for this bike), and was compatible with other apps. SOLD!I got myself a tablet, downloaded the AI Gym app, and thought I was ready to knock this into next week. Not so fast, chump. The ten minute workout on the AI Gym app about killed me. I had to stop three or four times to catch my breath. I tried to do a spin class that I downloaded and couldn’t even get through the first few minutes because it was so hard to pedal and I couldn’t change the settings. My son, who is an ultra-cyclist, downloaded Zwift for me and got me a free trial. Game. Changer. This is not a review for Zwift, but I will say that I’ve never had so much fun on an exercise bike and I ride almost every day. Just for the record, this is a fitness bike and not an exercise bike.I did contact the company about their AI Gym and told them what was going on. They had a few suggestions, which included doing an FTP test, which is where you ride as hard as you can for 15-20 minutes. Then there are some equations, blah blah blah. There was no way I was going to be able to do that test on their gym app, although I was stronger after a few weeks of riding Zwift. Essentially, I’ve scrapped their app and ride exclusively on Zwift.Be prepared to buy another seat for this. If you can make the one that comes with it work, more power to you. It was a killer on me and I bought another seat that I had on my three-wheel bike. Well, that didn’t work, either. I’m now on my third seat and still looking for comfort enough to ride miles and miles and even longer than an hour. Big aspirations there, but not impossible. The seat post to this bike is proprietary and not conducive to minute changes in the seat. That’s a problem for me and one for which I am seeking a solution. LADIES, do your homework on bike seats. There are differences between mens saddles and womens saddles. They’re not all created equally for obvious reasons. Saddles are highly personal items and what works for one might not work for another. The company realizes this and provided a seat so the bike could be ridden right after it’s put together.I don’t like the AI Gym, but love the bike as long as it’s powered with Zwift. The tension dial is easy to manage even when I’m piling up hills. The bike takes less room than my other exercise bike and you can still hang your clothes on the handlebars. How can you not love that?The bike is only as fun as the app you’re powering it with. It’s a highly functional piece of exercise equipment that isn’t off the charts expensive, and will give you a great workout.

  9. Très bon rapport qualité prixTip top , j’en fais une fois par jour et c’est au poil , un très bon qualité prix

  10. Pretty nice exercise bike with smart connectivity and auto resistanceReally nice exercise bike. It is a great deal if you are looking for an exercise bike with connectivity and auto resistance. It works great with popular cycling apps that feature video from around the world trails.Pros: Connects to popular cycling apps and saves ride stats to your phone (need to use Strava for some apps like Zwift since it doesn’t connect to Apple Health), pretty comfortable to bike on/nice seat and customizable seat and handle height, bike/electronics seem really sturdy, no issues with bluetooth connectivity (no drops or lags), Renpho app is free and is really nicely designed (no issues with connectivity in the app), really liked the sticky pad for your ipad/phone, easy to set resistance with turn dial on handle, the bike design is nice, liked that you can use your apple watch as a HR monitor (for Zwift and the Renpho app), auto resistance is goodCons: DO NOT BUY IF ZWIFT IS A MAJOR FACTOR IN YOUR PURCHASE! Using this bike in Zwift is not great. You could be cycling 100 rpms at a resistance of 5 and your avatar still moves incredibly slow which does not reflect real life cycling. The bike does have automatic resistance in Zwift so it’s ok if you just want to do the courses and do not care about the competitive aspect. There were no issues in moving your avatar in the video rides like Fulgaz. You cannot comfortably stand and pedal on this bike. Some reviewers have stated that they can stand and pedal but it feels like pushing the pedals while your bicycle is in thick mud. It’s not very comfortable and it hurt my knees to do so even when I was leaning on the handles. Longevity might be a factor since all the cycle programs are in the app. If you have no ability to use apps, you are just stuck with a really basic exercise bike.I would recommend this bike to someone who wants a nice upright bike with built in sensors and that wants it to track ride stats in their phone and want to do the “ride bike trails around the world” apps with auto resistance. I would not recommend this bike to Zwift users or Peloton users (since you can’t stand and pedal). Auto resistance does not work in Peloton app (which is a given since they would not want competition with their Peloton+ bike)

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