Razor Power Core E90 Electric Kids Scooter, Green

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Brand Razor
Colour Green
Age Range Kid
Item dimensions L x W x H 33 x 83.8 x 80.6 centimetres
Number of wheels 2

  • Innovative power core technology features a 90-watt, maintenance-free, high-torque, hub motor that delivers smooth acceleration with the push of the throttle
  • Rear-wheel drive delivers better balance control and traction for a safer, more stable ride
  • Rechargeable 12V sealed lead-acid battery provides an extended ride time of up to 80 minutes of continuous use
  • Features a lightweight, all-steel frame and fork and flat-free, airless rear tire for a solid ride


At 10 amazing miles per hour, with a push-button throttle, and a kick-start in-wheel hub motor, the Power Core E90 is a maintenance free, energy efficient way to take your fun even farther. Innovative Power Core technology features a 90-watt, maintenance-free, high-torque, hub motor that delivers smooth acceleration with the push of the throttle. Rear-wheel drive delivers better balance control and traction for a safer, more stable ride.

From the manufacturer

About Razor

From day one, Razor has focused on providing the very best riding experience, combining cutting-edge technology, high-quality materials and innovation to deliver products designed to suit riders’ evolving lifestyles.

Power-up Your Ride!

The Power Core E90 is upping the ante for electric scooters once again, rolling out a ridiculous 80 minutes of continuous ride time and fifty-percent more muscle power. Its innovative hub motor delivers a more efficient, maintenance free ride, while the steel frame, lighter weight and increased torque take performance to the next level.

  • Power Core Hub Motor Technology and Design
  • Increased ride time (2X longer than the E90)
  • Up to 80 minutes of continuous use
  • Speeds up to 10 mph. All steel frame and fork
  • Hand-operated front brake. Urethane front wheel and TPU rear
  • Assembled Product Dimensions: 31.7 x 12.9 x 32.9 inches. Product Weight: 22 lbs.
  • 12V sealed lead acid rechargeable battery. Battery charger included
  • For Ages 8 and up. Max Rider Weight: 120 lbs.

Power Core Technology and Design

– Increased ride time (2X longer than the E90)

– Maintenance free (no alignment, no chain, no chain tensioner)

– 50% more torque than the E90

– Up to 80 minutes of continuous use

– Speeds up to 10 mph

– 90 Watt Hub Motor


Power Core Hub Motor

The zero emission electric power engages a super quiet, maintenance free hub motor great for you, your kids and your neighbors.

Push-button Acceleration Control and Hand-operated Front Brake

Hand operated front brake for smoother stopping power.

Retractable Kickstand

Retractable kickstand for off and on the go riders!

International Disclaimer:

This Razor product is produced for sale in the United States and Canada. Razor products produced for and sold in international channels are warrantied as applicable in such foreign countries. Call +1 866 467 2967 for more details regarding Razor products that require service, were purchased in the United States or Canada, and are now outside the United States or Canada. On these products, which require service, consumers are responsible for all costs including shipping, resulting taxes, duties of replacement parts and local power adapters at the owner’s expense.

Additional information

Weight 9.98 kg
Dimensions 83.82 × 80.65 cm
Age Range




Frame material

‎Alloy Steel


‎9.3 Kilograms


‎12.9 inches

Material Type


Number of Items


Number of Pieces



‎Front Suspension

Included Components

‎1 x Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter, Green

Batteries Included?






Item Model Number


Product dimensions

‎33.02 x 83.82 x 80.65 cm; 9.98 Kilograms




1 12V batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

17 November 2017


‎Razor, ‎Razor USA LLC.

10 thoughts on “Razor Power Core E90 Electric Kids Scooter, Green

  1. Master the speed control first and you will be fineGreat range for kids 80 mins easily on full charge , good for mature 7 yr olds up to 11 year olds , max speed about 14 k an hour , the only reason I dropped a star is they are a big noisey on the path / road and more importantly the push button speed control needs explaining to your kids before they are let loose on it , i would suggest first practice should be on a short grassy area , they need to learn to intermittently press the throttle button and not just keep it depressed or they will shoot forward at full speed , I’m guessing this may have led to a few early disasters 😢 so with this in mind do buy one but beware , however once mastered they are fine , our 7 yr old has got the hang in no time , well – no grazing to knees/ elbows or chin just yet! Enjoy 😊

  2. the scooter arrived in good condition, and after a few days of riding …The shipping was fast, the scooter arrived in good condition, and after a few days of riding we did not notice any problems with it. My kid likes it, however I only rate it as “OK” purchase due to some design choices. First, the scooter is advertised as the model with “innovative hub motor”. As an owner of electric bike and electric skateboard I know that hub motors are silent and can rotate freely – i.e. you can pedal on electric bike and push on electric skateboard when the battery is depleted. Therefore I was assuming that the benefits of hub motor would also apply to Razor E90, but I was wrong. The scooter is rather noisy and the rear wheel does not rotate freely, it definitely feels as if there is some gears between motor and the wheel. The second “issue” is the push button which activates the motor – there is no throttle, and the rider can’t control the speed – you hold the button in pressed state, the scooter goes max speed. Again, my kid does not mind, but I don’t think it’s a wise design choice (adding the throttle would not add much cost). Last but not least, the price of these scooters from AU retailers is literally double the price of the same model in US. Yes, I know about the “AU tax”, but 2x the price still does not sound reasonable. Amazon was giving me an option to order the same scooter from US at much lower price including delivery from US, but shipping would take about a month. I could not wait that long, so ordered from AU seller. But if you have a chance to order it in advance, check your options, it might save you around a hundred bucks.

  3. Very impressed great quality for used prefect for first time kid E scooterFor a used item and only 3days in it working great even came with some light cool..but I didnt get the screws to attach the handles it had some extra so no buggy but in sure less prepared ppl would have a issue all in all damn good product for under used scooter and it last like damn near 2.5-3hrs of play time for my kids again only had it 3days now

  4. Only for small/young kidsSeems like a nice scooter but the suggested weight limit needs to be lowered. If your kid is more than 100 lbs (not 120 as listed) or taller than average, they won’t really be able to enjoy. It is not really big enough to hold much weight and the handle didn’t seem to be able to be raised. We ended up returning.

  5. Perfect for my 12 year old granddaughter!Just enough speed. Had to return the first one ordered because a part was broken. Second one was perfect.

  6. Worst customer service department on the planet!The Razor company has the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced in my life! Their customer service department is so rude it’s incredible that they’re still in business. I purchased two Electric Razor Scooters for my twin boys for their Christmas present from Santa. We took them out for a spin on a Saturday after charging the battery for 24 hours and they were super excited. One of my boys crashed into a bench because the back wheel detached and fell off of his scooter while he was riding it in our neighborhood! There were plenty of witnesses. He got banged up pretty bad. When my neighbor and I ran over to tend to his injuries, I had to put some Band-Aids on his cuts. He said, “The back wheel just popped off mom!” Sure enough, the back wheel had no screws on it! When I compared it with my other sons scooter that we received on the same order, I realized that they had forgotten to put the screws on the back wheel before they shipped it to us!!! I double checked the box when we got home and there were absolutely no screws anywhere to be found. The instructions clearly state that the scooter is completely assembled except for the handlebars, which they provide you a tool to align and assemble yourself and that’s it. No mention of screws needing to be added or tightened. Because this was a Saturday… their customer service department is closed on the weekend ….so when I called the 800 number there was a recording saying that they open on Monday and were closed for the weekend. So, I had to wait … I called them first thing Monday morning. The first person I spoke with tried to transfer me to a supervisor because it was an urgent matter and they felt it needed to be escalated… unfortunately she disconnected me. I called back AGAIN and spoke to someone in customer service name Carl. He transferred me to a supervisor named Esmeralda. She was very rude to me and acted like I was inconveniencing her and she did not treat this matter with concern at all for my sons injuries that were sustained from their DEFECTIVE product. She never apologized to me or offered me any type of compensation. Esmeralda told me to send her an email with pictures that I told her my neighbor and I had taken. I immediately sent her the photos and detailed description of what had happened. She never responded back to me. I called eight different times that week and they kept telling me that she was at a meeting and then at company party in the office and ALL the managers were having a party that week for Christmas and New Year’s and therefore, no one was available to take my call. I never heard from Esmeralda for at least a week….AND The only reason that I heard from her is by my 10th phone call… I reached someone in customer service named Joy. I told Joy that I wanted a different customer service manager because Esmeralda was nonresponsive and completely unprofessional. She apologized for my experience and made a note of it for someone else to call me back. Low and behold, I got an email from Esmeralda…. not a phone call… It’s been over a week now since she returned from her holiday vacation break…(this was the week of December 28th- January 3rd) At which point, she emailed me that she would send me a refund but they would not give me any kind of compensation.. not even $10 for the damage that was done to my son not only physically but also mentally… remember ….this was a Christmas present from Santa and he was not able to use his electric scooter. I hope the owner of the company reads this review and contacts me. I’ve been in sales my whole life and I’ve had to deal with customers who are dissatisfied and I know that this is not the way to treat a consumer who is a frequent buyer and purchases your product including helmets, protective gear and push scooters etc. My kids are very young and when I’m looking to purchase them products I will opt to steer away from the Razor brand and make sure to tell all my friends and family to do the same. I will be posting this on my Facebook page as well as yelp and as well as any other social media spot I can find. My advise …train your people better or shut it down because you’re going to get a class-action lawsuit one of these days and I’ll be happy to be a part of it.—signed “Mamma Bear.”

  7. Fast & Fun & SafeThis is a gift for my son. He rides it almost every weekend around the neighbourhood. Never had any issue with it and still running perfectly.

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