NiteRider Lumina OLED 1200 Boost Headlight

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Colour Black
Brand NiteRider
Material Led
Power Source Battery Powered
Water resistance level Water Resistant

  • Custom engineered collimator lens, distributes a generous even widespread beam
  • Boost Mode! Double tap power button to unleash maximum LED output!
  • 5 Light Levels plus 4 Daylight Flash Modes
  • Multifunctional OLED screen provides detailed operational information
  • Aluminum heatsink for optimal thermal cooling properties.Compatible with an array of optional mounting accessories (sold separately).FL1 Standard IP64, water resistant. Secure on and off-road capable handlebar clamp mount, fits up to 35mm handlebars.RUN TIMES Low – 6:00h at 275 Lumens, Med – 3:00h at 550 Lumens, High – 1:30h at 1000 Lumens, Boost – 1:00h at 1200 Lumens, Pulse Flash – 10:00h at 1000 Lumens, Fast Flash – 6:30h at 1000 Lumens, S.O.S.
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The NiteRider Lumina OLED 1200 Boost is an innovative bike light that removes the guesswork related to battery life, allowing you to plan your next ride safely with complete confidence, day or night. The OLED multifunctional digital display screen delivers precise battery run times as a percentage and actual time for the Lumina OLED’s 9 lighting levels. The Lumina OLED 1200 Boost features a custom engineered collimator sense, producing a generous widespread beam pattern. With Boost Mode providing a stunning 1200 lumens of maximum light output, this makes the Lumina OLED highly capable for use when navigating through diverse riding conditions.

Additional information

Weight 172 kg
Dimensions 3.81 × 3.18 cm



‎One Size


‎2 inches


‎10 inches


‎0.54 Pounds


‎3 inches

Material Type


Number of Items


Power Source

‎Battery Powered



Included Components

‎Lumina OLED 1200 Boost Head Light^usb charging cable^handlebar clamp mount

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Item Model Number


Product dimensions

‎11.43 x 3.81 x 3.18 cm; 172 Grams




1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

1 June 2018


‎NiteRider, ‎NiteRider Lights

10 thoughts on “NiteRider Lumina OLED 1200 Boost Headlight

  1. Can you say “powerful?”I’ve used Nightrider lights for years. I decided to go up a notch by ordering a higher level model so I could get a screen that indicates battery status. I got it and with that option came a much brighter light. It is almost painfully bright, but I look at that as life insurance. Thankfully, the light has an option to flash infrequently, so I won’t blind anybody (which I prefer to a “constant flash/stobe” option). I have only used this for daytime riding so far, but it is clear that this light will be fantastic at night (my old 1000 was sufficient and this one is brighter). The other thing to note is that I usually ride about twice a week (a total of 3 – 4 hours) with my light constantly in flash mode. After 3 months (in the cold!), I still have 60% battery life remaining. I seriously haven’t charged the light once yet. I’m impressed and pleased with this light. It isn’t cheap, but you get what you pay for. … April update – After buying this light in December, I have still yet to have to re-charge the light (it is now at 30%) riding about 4 hours/week with the light on the flash setting. Amazing!

  2. Greatly increases my safety and always tells me the remaining battery charge for any mode it’s inI’m very happy with this light. It’s easy to install and holds well to my handle bar, and the quick attach bracket makes it very easy and very fast to install or remove the light, leaving the bracket attached to the handle bar. It’s also extremely bright and with the different choices of flashing modes I can find the perfect combination of flashing and stead light for highest visibility. The battery holds a charge for many outings, and it tells me the number of hours and minutes of charge I have remaining in the current light mode. When I change modes the charge time remaining also changes according to whether I’m using less or more power. If you want to help insure you don’t get hit by cars, motorcycles, runners, cyclists, etc, this light is worth the money. I also use it held in my hand for running to make myself visible and also to see the trail/path in front of me. I place a premium on staying safe so this the perfect light.

  3. Muy recomendableMuy buen producto, la verdad da muy buena luz y dura muchas horas . No me arrepiento de haber comprado este producto

  4. s00pa’-d00pa’ bright!It’s so difficult to understand HOW a bike light is going to work when you merely read about it on a website or ad. Even seeing videos done can’t truly demonstrate the true brightness, lumens, or illumination pattern. Those things just don’t translate properly so you end up taking risks if you don’t see it demonstrated in person. This light won’t disappoint any bike rider.I also have the NiteRider Dual 1800 Boost. I got that direct from the company because I had a discount to use there. That one WAS a bit more expensive, but both of these lights are nothing short of amazing. Ive been obsessed with the quest for bright bike lights for many years. I love night-riding on the community paths but I’m a mountain biker and want something lots of fun for riding trails and in the woods at night (which can be a huge challenge if you’ve tried it). The closest I got was a circular light that has a board with 14 (supposedly) Cree XML T6 elements. I had to remove the reflector in order to get a “wash” effect more like a floodlight. Now that one DOES have it’s good qualities and was relatively cheap. I had to also modify it to mount it to a proper clamp, it looks a little goofy on the bike (no biggie’ really), and it takes a chunky battery pack that has to be velcro strapped to the frame or head tube. THAT wasn’t gonna’ fly for my awesome carbon stumpjumper expert. THESE NiteRider lights are perfect!The light always defaults to the steady low-med-high beam when you turn it on.The display I thought was a brilliant idea. I wish the Dual 1800 had this display too.The 1800 also takes the same mounting clip so I can use either one depending on the requirement for that ride.It does have a bit of a “hot spot” which I typically don’t like on most lights, but on these they kind of got that one just right. The “hot spot” isn’t harsh and doesn’t detract from the peripheral light around it. In other words it doesn’t look like an older style flashlight with one spot lighting the area. It has a hot-spot and an softer cascade of light to the edge, illuminating the surroundings. Both of these lights really remind me of a vehicle headlight pattern which makes a lot of sense.The time remaining does drop significantly when you’re in ‘boost’ mode, but this will work totally fine on its standard “high” setting. I notice the difference from high to boost more when I’m on the road using it than I could when testing it at home. When I tested it for time remaining I remember it actually lasted longer than the indicator said originally (can’t remember exact time). It showed about an hour remaining on boost at first, and then I think it ran for like an hour and 15 min., but it also defaults automatically to the next lower setting when battery life is running low (good feature).Once you’ve played with the menu selections you’ll realize it’s easy to use and easy to remember–a lot less confusing than it sounds in the description. Overall the 1800 Boost is of course a little brighter and has a wider pattern for biking in the woods (it’s considerably heavier too), but as far as usefulness, convenience, ease of charging w/USB, menu features, size & weight, I’d say this is the best bike light I ever bought, and the best bike light I own. I have a couple others I thought were VERY bright and those are NOT as bright as this!Unless you’ve tried or owned some huge portable bike floodlight that cost around $300-400 w/a heavy cumbersome battery pack wired to it, this will be the best light you can buy for the price. It’s of very high quality construction and clearly a well manufactured product.~JSV

  5. Bright and stabley stay on bike handleSeveral modes to choose from with varying brightness and duration. Mount on the bike handle and can be taken off easily. The battery is USB-C chargeable. Work as expected.

  6. Great Features. Some Minor ShortcomingsI like this light a lot. I do a lot of night mt biking in the fall and winter and this light is plenty bright. Especially when paired with a helmet light. Having the time remaining on display really helps with managing battery usage vs brightness throughout the ride.The connection to the handlebar mount is a little loose, so I put some strips of electrical tape under the light. This gives it a secure connection and gets rid of any shaking of the light (particularly a problem on rocky decents). This has been an issue I have had with all the Lumina series of lights.The other problem I have with this light in particular is it is hard to find the button “on” in the dark. The non-OLED lights have a big round rubber button on top, but this one has a smaller plastic bubble button next to another small plastic bubble button. I am used to turning on the light on the fly as I encounter downhills or technical terrain, so this has been a problem for me..Overall, niterider makes great products. I have been using their lights for 25+ years and the transformation over this time is nothing short of amazing. Any problems I have with their products are pretty minor and I am happy to recommend them to other.

  7. Best Bike Lights I’ve ever used.Best Bike Lights I’ve ever run. I have an old 900 Lumen (4yrs old), a 1000 Lumen (2yrs old) and now the 1200 lumen. These are sooo good and strong that I actually replaced a hardwired spreader light bar I had on my Coast Boat with a 1200 lumen NiteRider. I clipped it onto the boat racking. I actually can see better as I can rotate the bike light on my boat, where the mounted light was stationary. NO MORE CORRODED WIRES!

  8. No todo lo que cuesta lo valeEl producto es muy pesado, y a la hora de montarlo no hay una forma de que haga click o que se amarre a la base que viene para montarla, lo que en mi caso provocó que se cayera y se descompusiera la pantalla de porcentaje de batería. En cuanto a la iluminación, es buena a secas, ya que sí ilumina lo suficiente para preveer obstáculos a una distancia considerable, sin embargo, siento que la duración de la batería no es suficiente, por lo que siempre hay que considerar llevar luz extra.

  9. Be “Seen and See” at Night!Great Light, fantastic battery life averages 2:45 hours Med, 1:45 hours High and nearly 5-6 hours on low. The projected beam pattern is just right and reaches about 40-50 meters by my estimation comfortably. The light stays cool inside the anodized aluminum body and charges up full from 25% in about 3 hours at 2.1 amps or 2 hours on 5 amps of USB current. This light coupled with my LR Omega 300 rear red, Planet Bike yellow side “marker” lights and 3M Solas tape on the frame really gives me the confidence to ride 10, 15 even 20 miles at night here in the Tampa Bay area where temps can be 8-10 degrees cooler than the day in the summer.Anyway my personal preference is to not be a statistic in a state that leads the nation in hit cyclists and pedestrians which is attributable to many factors not the least is the infinate volume of retired aged drivers over 75 years old and the shear density of traffic on 4-6 lanes of roadway in a state of nearly 23 million residents all in a hurry to blow each other off the road to save 5 minutes.In summary this light is necessary and so is your personal safety and being responsible for others to see you as well. Its a two way street pardon the pun, you have to make yourself as visible as possible to traffic both ways. I highly recommend this brand and light. You wont be disappointed at all!

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