Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard | Bamboo and Hard Maple Deck | Cruising, Carving, Dancing, Free-Style

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Brand Magneto
Colour Black, Black
Age Range Big Kid to Adult
Deck length 44 Inches
Deck width 9 Inches

  • GREAT FOR BEGINNERS The Kicktail Cruiser is a great option for beginners and pros alike! The deck is nice and stable without much flexibility making it easy and safe to ride. The wheels are nice and soft for extra grip while turning and a super smooth ride over rougher roads.
  • VERSATILE BOARD 44-inch Longboard Skateboard designed for cruising and skating around town. Kicktails make this board super functional for all sorts of riding styles. It’s a great starter board for someone looking to get into longboarding!
  • QUALITY DECK The deck is made with bamboo veneer on top and bottom with a maple core to add strength and stiffness. This makes the deck super durable and beautiful. Our logo is laser etched directly into the bamboo. The sand grit finish provides grip for your feet and shows off the beautiful bamboo design
  • SMOOTH TRUCKS This board features gravity cast aluminum trucks with a 7 inch hanger and kingpin angle of 50 degrees.The trucks are made from gravity cast aluminum which makes them strong and durable. They have a tumbled finish and are great for smooth cruises. The bushings are High Rebound (medium stiffness) which adds to the cruising experience.
  • WHEELS FOR CRUISING A 78A soft high quality urethane is used for the 70mm wheels. With a cool translucent look, the wheels are sized perfectly for the cruising this board excels at.


44-Inch longboard skateboard designed for cruising around town. The deck is made with bamboo and a hard maple core. Kicktails make this board super functional for all sorts of riding styles. The durable aluminum 7-in aluminum trucks allow you to glide around smoothly on the 70mmx51mm Urethane wheels. The top of the deck features a sand grit finish, which replaces the grip tape, showing off the beautiful bamboo deck. The logo is burned into the top and bottom of the deck using a laser. A great starter board for someone looking to get into longboarding!

Additional information

Weight 3.63 kg
Dimensions 26.67 × 18.8 cm
Age Range

‎Big Kid to Adult


‎Black, Black


‎Kicktail (Black)

Material Type

‎Maple Wood, Aluminium, Bamboo

Number of Items


Wheel Size

‎70 Millimeters

Included Components

‎Skate tool

Batteries Included?






Manufacturer reference


Package Dimensions

‎116.84 x 26.67 x 18.8 cm; 3.63 Kilograms



Date First Available

12 June 2019



10 thoughts on “Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard | Bamboo and Hard Maple Deck | Cruising, Carving, Dancing, Free-Style

  1. Great for beginners!This was the very first long board that I bought while trying to learn how to skate and it exceeded any and all of my expectations. For starters, the actual build of it is very high quality and it’s definitely very durable. It also is built for easy turning and the soft wheels help with stability. While I have since graduated to other boards, I will still occasionally use this one just because of how much I like it.

  2. Great boardThis is the first longboard I’ve owned and it’s great. I am a 260lb man and this board is big enough for me to ride its easy to learn and gets going pretty fast. If you are wanting to do sharp turns this board is a little tricky with its size but is great for sidewalks and roads.

  3. CrunchyLoose and wobbly. It needs a good tune-up before riding. The wheels and bearings already have a crunchy sound it’s been road on for less than a week. No cracks yet but I can hear them forming. Might be the break in , but …. We will see

  4. Vendedor súper recomendableEl productor es muy muy muy bonito, además de tener muy buena calidad, tuve un problema en el envío, contacté con Amazon que a la vez me facilitó el teléfono del vendedor y hablando con él , me lo solucionó al instante, persona super atenta y muy agradable. Muchas gracias por el servicio prestado

  5. great for beginnersit is a pretty well made and is over all great for the money. my only problems are1. there is no grip tape just textured paint on the top. so if / when that wears out that could be problematic.2. you do not get the skate took to adjust wheels and trucks but i also dont think many come with that either so…. no big deal.other than those i have been happy with it. it has held up well and worked for what i need and was a fairly cheep option.

  6. Great Longboard for the Price!!!I really don’t know where to start with this review, but I am currently 50 years old, and I have been riding skateboards for around 44 years, starting with the old skinny plastic cheap ones. (you know, the one you got your first set of stitches at the doctors office from?) The last skateboard I bought was in the 1980’s, and was one I used on the street as well as on the old, rotting, plywood, back yard half pipes and quarter pipes back in the day. I think I spent over $300 on the last board I had after I had upgraded the bearings, trucks, wheels, etc. I started riding my 30+ year old skateboard recently while walking my dog, and she really enjoyed being able to run all out at times with me instead of just having to walk at my pace. I decided to get a longboard, but never having ridden one, I was looking for an affordable option. I have to say that when I opened the box, I was really surprised. The natural finish with the grit built in on the top, the beautiful finish of the natural wood and bamboo, and the overall cut of the board made it seem as much like a work of art as a skateboard. This board may not satisfy the needs of an experienced, hardcore longboarder, but I took it out for 6 miles of flat and hills with my dog tonight to break it in and give it a few scuff marks. It was stiff enough to handle well, but flexible enough to give a nice ride. I am not sure about the brand or quality of the trucks and wheels, but after adjusting them to suit my riding taste, I found the ride smooth, and the handling to be more than adequate for my needs. I have had a ton of skateboards in my lifetime, and you always have a couple that you just throw in your car at all times just in case you see a great place to skate. This is one I see spending a lot of time occupying the back seat of my car when it isn’t needed for human passengers. I definitely see this as a great starter or mid range long board, and the price makes it an awesome value. I have seen more expensive boards that didn’t look or ride as good, so I took a chance by ordering this one online mainly based on price and appearance. If you are an old school skater that is looking to break into longboarding, I would definitely recommend this board for you. I also would like to say that the seller got this to me super fast, in great condition, and I would recommend this seller to anyone. That’s about it, Skate or Die!!! (i’m still an 8 bit guy at heart!!!) Hope my review helps!!!

  7. Full review, by an intermediate skaterAs someone who’s been on many boards, but never owned one, I consider myself to be an intermediate skater when it comes to long boarding. For a point of reference, I’m a 24yr old, 6 ft tall, 215 pound Male with size 11 shoes, and I’ve put 10 miles on this board. Here’s my full review:-Shipping: 6 days. Which is fast, because that’s CA -> PA (across the country)-Packaging: the packaging could’ve been better, sure. But my board still came in unscathed. I’m impressed, especially considering the journey it took to get to my house.Now let’s take a look at the Board-Deck: Wow. I mean, wow. The grip on the surface is equivalent, if not better, than most grip tapes and surfaces I’ve experienced. It’s sturdy, stable, and strong. Very supportive, slightly concave for comfort.-Trucks: seem sturdy enough. Nothing super impressive, but nothing that will disappoint either. The bushings inside allow for pretty smooth turning.-Wheels: are awesome. Larger, softer wheels are fantastic for cruising, and these wheels fit the bill. Perfect for cracks in the concrete, seams in the sidewalk, or pebbles, rocks, and small sticks and branches in your way (although, avoid branches if you can). I experienced no wheel bite as I coasted along.-Bearings: pretty good for what you pay for, honestly. If you’re just learning, stick with these. Just loosen the wheels by a quarter turn, and you’ll do great. If you have more experience and want to maximize the distance you can get per push, feel free to upgrade. I haven’t yet, and I’m still enjoying my ride! But I’m thinking about it.Overall experience:-turning: very easy, very smooth. Just expect wider turns, or play with your trucks and bushings (or buy new ones). Super Tight turns won’t come naturally for this board right out of the box.-comfort: definitely comfortable. If you’re brand new to the game, expect some discomfort after a bit of boarding simply because you aren’t used to it. It doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong!-Carving: similar to turning, but used differently, this board is a pretty decent, dare I say, pretty great carver. Supports you well, too.-coasting: on a flat, smooth surface like a parking lot or street, you can expect to get about 10 seconds of riding time before needing to push again. That’s pretty good. If you’re on even a slight hill, you can potentially double that output, which is really nice.All in all, I really recommend this board, as of right now. I’ll return with an update and a change of rating if I need to.

  8. Article non conforme à celui en photoLe skateboard n’a pas les roues bleues comme indiqué sur la photo, mais des roues transparentes jaunâtres. Très déçu !

  9. Nice for the priceThe media could not be loaded.

     I’ve really been enjoying this board for cruising around the city on. A word of caution for newbies: I think what I REALLY wanted was actually a cruiser, not a longboard. I’ve been using my cruiser far more for zipping around town because it’s lighter, easier to pick up and carry inside, and it accomplishes everything (for me at least) that a longboard can because I’m not good enough to bomb down giant hills. So, do your research.In terms of looks, man this thing is pretty. It’s bigger than I expected it to be in person. The wheels are large enough to roll over all but the worst cracks in the pavement. You know those sidewalk cutouts with the orange bumps all over them? It rolls over them with ease. I’ve rolled over twigs in the road, you name it.The only cons are:- It’s really high off the ground compared to many other boards. I tried an arbor board that my son’s friend owns (with the inset trucks) and it instantly felt more stable (though keep in mind: it probably cost 3x what the Magneto costs).- It’s heavy. I’m not sure about specifics, but the more expensive Arbor boards are for sure lighter.Overall, if you are looking for a longboard, you can’t go wrong with this thing.

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