LEZYNE Strip Drive Alert Bicycle Taillight, LED, High Visibility 150-300 Lumens, 4 Flash Modes, Safety Alert Mode, USB

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Colour Black
Material Plastic
Power Source Battery Powered
Water resistance level Water Resistant

  • 175 lumens
  • Max runtime of 27 hours
  • Highly water resistant
  • Aero seat post friendly
  • Alert braking technology


Lezyne Strip Pro Alert Rear LED Light
The LED Strip Pro Alert rear LED light produces up to 175 lumens of output to ensure optimal safety for the rider. Coupled with the output is Lezyne’s advanced Alert technology. Alert operates similar to a car’s brake lights. When the rider is slowing the rear light will shift to a solid red light as the rider comes to a stop. Once the rider takes off again the light will return to the flashing function. This provides greater safety for riders and allows other road users to know when a cyclist is stopping.
The wide angle optics provide 270 degrees of visibility. There are 11 flashing options to chose from and a maximum run time of 27 hours that will see even the most determined cyclist home.
The light has also been designed to fit onto aero seat posts and is micro-USB chargeable.

175 lumens
Max runtime of 27 hours
Highly water resistant
Aero seat post friendly
Alert braking technology
270 degrees of visibility
66 grams total weight

Additional information

Weight 90.72 kg
Dimensions 20.32 × 5.08 cm



‎One Size


‎Strip Drive Pro (300 Lumen)


‎2 inches


‎5 inches


‎0.08 Kilograms


‎8 inches

Material Type


Number of Items


Power Source

‎Battery Powered


‎General Cycling



Batteries Included?




Item Model Number


Product dimensions

‎12.7 x 20.32 x 5.08 cm; 90.72 Grams




1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.

Date First Available

20 April 2020



10 thoughts on “LEZYNE Strip Drive Alert Bicycle Taillight, LED, High Visibility 150-300 Lumens, 4 Flash Modes, Safety Alert Mode, USB

  1. A strong light, but the battery life isn’t greatThis light puts out a very bright, very visible light; it is an excellent, visible light in that regard. However, there are two issues I have with it. First, the battery life isn’t great; I’m lucky to get six or seven hours, and that’s running on just the regular light (not using the “stop alert” function, which is great, but lowers the life even more). Other reviews warned me of this, but I was surprised how quickly the battery runs out. The other issue is, admittedly, more of a “me” thing, but it’s not easy to locate this light if you have a seat bag; and if you have an older-style bike that doesn’t have the longer seat stems some newer bikes have, even without a bag it could be tight. Not a huge issue, but it’s something to keep in mind before bying.

  2. Updated reviewUpdated review: I’m leaving my original review below. I contacted the manufacturer and they replaced the faulty unit. I did have to wait about a month as they said they ran out of inventory. Since this occurred during the pandemic, I won’t fault them for the delay.The replacement unit functions fine. The only issue I have with it is that it only lasts about 3 hours max (on blinking mode). I’m going to change my star rating to 3 stars. That said, I had hoped for more from a high end light from Lezyne that costs more than $50. Also, don’t purchase this light if your seat post is not aero. It just doesn’t work well on round seat posts.Original review:I purchased this on 30 December–first big mistake since the middle of winter isn’t the best time to buy a bike light that you can’t really test during the return period. That bit me in the rear pretty bad. I’ve used this light 6 or 8 times (road cycling) for rides lasting 1 to 1.5 hours. Well within the advertised limits of the battery. And I’ve made sure the light was FULLY charged. The battery in this thing is just total garbage. It will not make it through a 1.5 hour ride even though it is set to only intermittently flash. One of my riding buddies has cheap Chinese LEDs (from Amazon) and hers at least last the duration of the ride. Hopefully Lezyne will honor the warranty on this thing. Honestly, for $50+ I think I have the right to expect better quality., As it is, I consider this light dangerous insofar as you think you’re visible to traffic, only to find out that the battery died 40 minutes into a ride.

  3. Brake light!!Was thinking about why we don’t have brake lights on road bikes as i was descending embedded in a line of traffic. And found this.Lights are bright. Brake light effect seems to work. But a friend of mine i was traveling with said he didn’t notice a difference as he wasn’t watching. So perhaps these are useful, perhaps not.I like the idea of any extra defense or visibility. 4/5 so far.

  4. Not so cool designBought the item this past Feb 17. Weather turned good for riding lately. With riders behind me I ask them to keep a eye on any change with the light as they advertise. After several 30 mile rides a few times, the light never did what it was designed to do. My intent buying this light was to keep riders behind me aware what I was doing and of course cars too. So I have yet to hear from the manufacturer about this, it will be now three weeks since I sent a text to them. Maybe if I ride into a brick wall the sensor will do its job-I’m coming to and stopped now.One other design quirk is that to charge it you are required to take the whole mount off-no slide bracket made into the clamping system. If you have a charger next to the bike then that would not be a issue. So I see that rubber band failing after so many cycles taking it off and on for charging that’s in your house.

  5. LED works and is bright but shuts off after about 30 to 40 minutes.This thing is bright! And that’s great but shuts off after about 30 to 40 minutes. I have two of these Strip Alert 3000 LED lights and both do the same thing. They’re fully charge but only stay on for a short time. My rides can last for several hours and I really need the light to stay on much longer than that. Since it’s on my back I have no idea if it’s on or off unless I stop and look or someone tells me.If the light stayed on I’d give it a 5. I also have the head light, that’s working well so far (not included in this rating)PS did a bit of internet searching and it seems the braking mode (light goes in to bezerker blink mode). I thought that was one of there 11 modes. Never could select a mode as it always went into bezerker mode. Today I set it to 2 LEDs blinking (up/down) and tried a 90 minute ride with the LED. Turned off before the end of the ride. I may hack this thing and see if I can disable the accelerometer. Love the brightness, hate the bezerker blinking mode for wasting all that power.

  6. Very Bright, Brake Function Is LousyWhile the light is very bright and works well, the automating braking function constantly triggers false positives, and there’s no way to disable it. Save money and get the non-brake function version. Avoid this one.

  7. Nice but no mode to turn off the auto-stop alert lightMy first Lezyne was a bottle cage… then I bought the front light and when its time for me to upgrade my rear light I didnt hesitate to get a lezyne too… but I was wrong when I got this specific model.Okay, the light is bright, it has a distracting mode which is good to get the attention of the motorist behind you and the alert auto-stop is a good feature too. But, yes… a but, I noticed it the light didnt last that long when I used the one with sequential up-down light… I guess it was the auto-stop alert light that is taking a lot of the battery. There is not mode or button to turn this off and I wish it has.

  8. Brake lights work great !Brake alert works great on my bike.Light brightness works great at night and also in daylight.Battery life differs allot to what is shown in the package instruction. I assume this is due to the brake light. The more you stop and go on the bike, the more you’ll use up the battery. Mine differed roughly minus 2hours from what was shown in the instruction.Light length is roughly 7.5cm and 2cm wide.Apart from the battery life I feel this light is very nice and keeps you and your bike safe behind.

  9. Me decepcionó demasiado!Muy decepcionado de esta luz en específico (strip alert Drive) uso luces frontales Lezyne las cuales son buenas y al comprar esta luz trasera esperaba lo mismo y no, gran decepción que me lleve, muy mala descripción en lo que ofrece la duración de la batería es muy pobre la opción de “alert” hace que esta dure a lo mucho 2 horas antes de que se apague lo cual resulta peligroso ya que si se apaga quedarás sin Luz y desprotegido, posiblemente lo regrese ya que no cumple la calidad a la que estoy impuesto con otros artículos de la marca.

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