Diamondback Bicycles Jr Viper 20″ Wheel Youth BMX Bike

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Bike type BMX Bike
Age Range 3 – 5 years
Brand Diamondback Bicycles
Number of speeds 1
Colour Blue

  • Durable high-tensile steel frame; fits ages 3 to 6 years old or 38 to 45 inches tall
  • 16 inch wheels keep the bike just the right size for young riders
  • Coaster brake makes it easy to learn; simply push the pedals backward to stop
  • Training wheels are fully adjustable and can be removed as they gain confidence and skill
  • Pedals included; limited lifetime warranty on the frame for as long as the original retail purchaser owns the bicycle


A great 16 inch boys bike with BMX style, the Diamondback Mini Viper 16 will have first-time riders up and spinning until the sun sets. Training wheels are included to help them stay upright while mastering the basics of balance and pedaling. The pedal brake (also called foot brake or kick back brake) provides ample stopping power and is intuitive to use, while a chain guard keeps skin and clothing out of harm’s way. As kids grow, the seatpost and stem can be raised to fit until they are ready for a bigger bike. With durable wheels and beefy tires, the Mini Viper 16 can be passed on to the next kid in the family or down the block. This model fits riders 38″-46” tall, aged approximately 3-5 years old.

Additional information

Weight 12.84 kg
Dimensions 19.05 × 45.72 cm
Age Range

‎3 – 5 years

Bike Type

‎BMX Bike

Brake type







‎16" Wheels

Frame material

‎Alloy Steel

Material Type


Number of Items


Number of Pieces


Number of speeds



‎Training Wheel, BMX





Wheel Size

‎16 Inches

Included Components


Batteries Included?



‎Diamondback Bicycles



Item Model Number


Product dimensions

‎92.71 x 19.05 x 45.72 cm; 12.84 Kilograms



Date First Available

6 September 2013


‎Diamondback Bicycles, ‎Diamondback Bikes

10 thoughts on “Diamondback Bicycles Jr Viper 20″ Wheel Youth BMX Bike

  1. Bike shop quality bike.Always remember to use grease on pedals, stem, and seat. Bike came in excellent condition, and was a breeze to put together. It is supplied with a pedal wrench, and some decent 4,5,&6 mm Allen keys. All you need to finish the bike is grease and a #2 Phillips head.Once assembled it is an amazing looking bike!

  2. Weight is the only drawbackBought two for twin 4.5 year-olds. Both initially needed the training wheels until they learned to balance on a basic 20″ bike, then took to these like moths to a flame. My only reason for 4 instead of 5 is the weight of the bike as a 16″ size – it’s HEAVY at well over 20 lbs. If it’s an initial bike, expect some learning curves.Assembly: Instructions were pretty straight-forward, and I usually hate assemble at home projects when the instructions tend to lag. I would advise pulling out a socket set though as it can speed the process significantly. Tools come with the bikes, but if you’ve ever done an assemble-at-home job using the product’s tools, you know it’s easier to just pull out the home tool kit. Each bike took less than 30 minutes to put together.Appearance: They look sharp and smooth while riding. We’ve had middle and high school kids legitimately ask if they are BMX style bikes and complement the boys on the looks. Also have several families lined up to buy them from us as the boys outgrow them due to appearance and durability.Sturdiness: These weight more than 20 pounds, which is challenging for smaller kids to balance especially as beginners. Think about being a 150 pound person trying to balance a massive Harley as your first riding experience. It will likely end well, but require a stiff and problematic learning curve. With this said, these bikes have taken some crashes and outside some minor scrapes remain in fantastic shape. The are built well and are mini-BMX bikes ready to take a bit of a pounding.Rideability and comfort: Once the boys figured out balance and starting/stopping, they ride with ease all day if we let them. Very smooth rides and able to do jumps and curbs without problem. One thing that’s been amazing – the chain is tight as a drum. Knock on wood, we’ve had no chains falling off which is the opposite of neighbors who bought other brands only to return them as the chains were too loose. This alone has made the bike comfortable for us as parents with less maintenance and more confidence in the mechanics.Overall, I give it a 3.5-star recommendation if this is your kid’s very first bike (you need to be willing to work hard on getting your little rider to ride), 5-star if it’s a second bike. Managing the weight is the only flaw I can find. I can only judge based on my boys, but they love these and I am only sad that in another 4-6 months they’ll be too big. For reference, they are about to turn five now and are nearing the top of the seat height. Their heights are 45″ and 46″ now.

  3. Great bike for the moneyI went with Diamondback because a co-worker, who is a very serious bike rider, and who has a few kids, told me that it would be a great bike for the money. I read several reviews on this bike about bad packaging and missing parts, so I was a little apprehensive, but mine came well packaged, with lots of protective pieces. All the parts were there and I got the color I ordered. The only explanation I can think of is that I ordered the size and color combo offered with Prime shipping, but the other color and size combos are only offered by third party sellers Maybe one of those sellers isn’t so good. I initially thought some bolts were missing, but they were just lodged inside the white plastic protective caps that had been on the wheels. If you thing you are missing bolts for the wheels, check those caps.Anyway…It was easy to assemble. The instructions are not great, but it isn’t hard to figure out. The rear tire, brake, and chain are already assembled, so the most complicated parts are done for you. I used the included tools. They are cheap, but perfectly adequate for the task. I have a garage full of mechanics tools that I didn’t bother to go get.This bike is definitely a big step up in quality from the huffy My son had been riding. It’s a bit heavy, but that’s not a huge deal. His old 14 inch bike was almost as heavy and much smaller.My son is 46 inches tall and he is just barely big enough to ride this thing with the seat bottomed out and the handle bars tilted slightly back. That’s fine. He’ll grow into it, but I’m glad I didn’t buy it any earlier.The blue and highlighter-yellow color scheme is a bit flashy for my tastes, but my 6 year old loves it, and I have to admit it does look nice. The paint is well done and all the parts seem to be of good quality. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this bike to a friend for their kid.

  4. Initial reaction …Having just completed assembly and the bike’s first test ride:Let’s start with the positives …. The bike appears to be solid, is smooth in its operation, and the styling appeals to my 6 year old grandson. It was also well packaged, with abundant precautions taken to protect the bike in transit. Finally, the INTENT was to minimize effort with assembly as key components of the bike came already assembled and attached to the frame.Next the negatives … The bike came with NO parts list or assembly instructions. The website, not mentioned on any material in the packaging (since there was none) had no specific mention of this bike or category of bike when searching for instructions. As a result, what should have been a 10 to 15 minute assembly took an hour of trial and error.Bottom line … if the manufacturer reads this … PUT SOME TYPE OF GUIDE AND PARTS LIST in the box. If you are a consumer, go to the website and check out either the BMX or mountain bike videos, and use your imagination to bridge the gap between the video and this bike. Plan on 30 to 60 minutes to review the website and assemble.As to durability and performance over time … that observation is yet to come.

  5. Great bike!This bike was a birthday gift for my 7 year old. Easy to assemble but best to have some extra tools handy. It is very sturdy and it has been ridden daily for over a month now. No issues and its the best bang for your buck.

  6. I wish my bike looked this good.I bought this bike for my son as a Christmas gift. I looked at all the bikes at toy stores and did not want to get a themed bike like ninja turtles or transformers, he was only 4 at the time, but he knew what an embarrassment those toy store bikes were. Thank goodness we found this bike. The coloring is a little darker than the photo but other than that the colors are awesome and my son loves it.The good:The bike came mostly assembled and everything was in good condition. I thought the color scheme was pretty neat and kid approved. The steering, chain and brakes all are responsive and work well. The bike is very sturdy and rides quiet and smooth. The bike is made of steel tubing so it is a little on the heavy side, in my opinion, if you are used to an aluminum frame adult bike. The wheels are true and the seat adjustment should keep the bike useable for at least a few years for your child. This bike will outlast any of those toy store bikes as far as quality and durability, plus your child won’t be embarrassed to ride it after the ninja turtle or whatever phase is over.The bad:The decal on the front of the bike looks like it is intended to say “BMX” but part of the B is cut off so it looks like it says RMX. Really the weak point of the bike is the training wheels. The are cheap, loud, and really are a hinderance rather than an aid. They seem to catch on the ground and almost cause crashes rather than prevent them. The training wheels are also pretty flimsy so after a few crashes you will be bending them back into place. If your child does not need the training wheels they are easily removed. It was a happy day when I just couldn’t take the training wheels anymore and taught my son to ride without them.

  7. Slightly difficult build – You may need your own toolsThis bike arrives partially assembled and includes tools to complete the job. The bike arrived with no damage and all the parts were there. However, some of the pre-assembled parts were put together too tightly, for example, like the back wheel. It could barely turn because it had been bolted together with such force. I needed to loosen the rear nuts so that the chain would a little more play, but I needed my own tools to accomplish this. Overall, it’s a nice bike. It’s a little large for my 6-year-old, who is smallish for his age, but he can ride it now and he will grow into it. Everybody is happy.

  8. This bike, bikes!It was for my 5 y/o son. He’s not a pro cycle, but rides it everyday! And we’ve had it for 4 months with zero issues! Great bike for a young rider!

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