Cygolite Ranger – 1,200 Lumen Bike Light – 5 Night & 3 Daytime Modes – Compact & Durable – IP67 Waterproof – Secured

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Colour Black
Brand Cygolite
Material Plastic
Power Source Battery Powered
Water resistance level Waterproof

  • Extremely powerful 1, 200 lumen USB rechargeable bicycle light with a long range and extra wide beam in a sleek and Compact design
  • 8 lighting modes plus walking (run time in hours): – Boost – High – Medium – Low – SteadyPulse – DayLightning Flash – Triple Flash – Zoom – Walking mode. Fast recharging time of 3: 30 hours. (see image # 2 for run times)
  • SteadyPulse mode alerts motorists with attention grabbing pulses while its overlapping steady beam constantly lights your way at night. DayLightning Flash bursts lightning-like flashes to make you stand out on busy roads in broad daylight
  • Built to endure rugged conditions with durable & water resistant body and hard clamp handlebar mount, All in a Compact size & weighing only 185 grams. Convenient with USB rechargeable design, Light activation lock for transport, & low battery indicator
  • Designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA. Founded in 1991, Cygolite is the proven bicycle light experts with exclusive designs and innovations crafted into quality products that are on the leading edge of safety


Introducing the 1200 lumen powerhouse. The all-new Cygolite Ranger 1200 bursts an astonishingly bright light output in such a sleek and compact design, thanks to its precision crafted ingenuity. At the push of a button, your path lights up with a dominating long range and extra wide beam that truly maximizes your line of sight through the darkest of night. Beyond its exceptional night capabilities, powerful daytime visible flashes make you stand out in broad daylight on busy streets. This is American bicycle lighting innovation. 1, 200 lumens of powerful brightness – Extremely powerful 1, 200 lumens in the most compact and stylish form. – Its 1, 200 lumens throws a long range, extra wide beam to cover road and mountain biking. – Daytime visible flashes make you stand out on busy streets. Modes to see more at night and to stand out in broad daylight – 8 lighting modes for day and night use (Boost, High, Medium, Low, SteadyPulse , DayLightning , Triple Flash, Zoom), plus Walking mode. – SteadyPulse mode alerts motorists with attention grabbing pulses while its overlapping steady beam constantly lights your way at night. – DayLightning flash mode bursts lightning-like flashes to make you stand out in broad daylight on busy streets. Built for rugged conditions and convenient usage- Hard clamp handlebar mount with quick release secures the light in tough terrain. – Light Lock Mode lets you disable the light for transport or storage. – Durable, compact size, and weighs only 185 grams. – IP67 water resistant for use in all weather conditions. – USB rechargeable with 1: 15 to 30 hours of run time, and 3: 30 hours fast charging. – Light mode memory saves the mode you’re in before the light is turned off. – Low battery indicator alerts you when a charge is needed.

From the manufacturer

American USB rechargeable bike light

powerful night visible bike light

day visible flash usb rechargeable bike light

far and wide beam light

quality bike light

See More At Night

See farther and more clearly at night with proven high intensity brightness, backed by Cygolite’s three decades of proven expertise.

Better Daytime Safety

Cygolite’s daytime visible flashing modes feature lightning-like flashes to significantly increase motorist awareness and cycling safety during the day.

Precise Optics

Going beyond super bright LEDs, Cygolite’s cycling tuned optics shine an extra wide and far reaching beam fit for road and mountain.

Powerful and Consistent

While others claim high output but only last minutes before dimming sharply, Cygolite ensures maximum brightness for the duration of the run time.

american flashlight bike light

Leading the way since 1991.

When you ride with a Cygolite, you’re not just getting a bike light. You’re getting a light from a company that’s been committed to designing and manufacturing bicycle lights on the leading edge of safety since its founding in 1991.

It’s no wonder that so many of Cygolite’s innovations have been adapted into other lights, and why Cygolite consistently has been a leading choice among cyclists.

Every light is meticulously designed and engineered from the ground up and assembled with precision in Orange County, California, USA.

Additional information

Weight 181.44 kg
Dimensions 9.12 × 5.16 cm







‎2 inches


‎5 inches


‎0.1 Kilograms


‎3 inches

Lens material


Material Type


Number of Items


Power Source

‎Battery Powered



Included Components

‎Ranger 1200 headlight – Handlebar mount – Micro USB charging cable

Batteries Included?






Item Model Number


Product dimensions

‎14.91 x 9.12 x 5.16 cm; 181.44 Grams




1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

1 November 2019



7 thoughts on “Cygolite Ranger – 1,200 Lumen Bike Light – 5 Night & 3 Daytime Modes – Compact & Durable – IP67 Waterproof – Secured

  1. Replaced my stolen Cygolite with another CygoliteI really liked my old Cygolite expiliOn 850, so when it was stolen, I bought another Cygolite. I only mark the overall rating down one star because;- it has a few too many light modes to click through to get to my favorite one.- it’s hard to get off my existing helmet mount, even with a bit of silicone grease on it. Hopefully it will wear in a bit soon.

  2. durable bike litethe ranger is as the cygo1100 tough reliable bright . but the ranger seems to flash fast and constant to indicate low battery and is hard to turn off when doing the flashing, this must be a warning .But, you cant use it while it flashes like a strobe light. cygo 1100 would give an intermittent flash that you would see for ten minutes before it just dies yet could still use the light and maybe turn the brightness down at that time . but the ranger works as I said , strobe light. OH for the added 100lm for the ranger it is not worth the near double cost. ranger also a little larger then the cygo1100 and the old handle clamp still works with ranger yeah extra mounts. lost a rubber mount spacer for the bike handle bar . why is this one so lose ? my others never fell out I have the fast flash in a bad place while on the road. and shut off . UGH this was bad! Im not seeing the cost meeting the product expectations. still

  3. Very bright very long distanceNo dislikes about this light, very bright cover a wide area and on my helmet mt has a very long beam, I only ride in the city but I like the helmet mt best only need the second setting to see in the darkest areas with no street lights, only had it just over a week so can’t speak of long term quality, but so far very satisfied with the performance of this ranger 1200 and the 3 day flash modes r very attention grabbing keep vehicle alert of u in traffic, yes I would recommend this light

  4. Keeps turning itself offI’ve had cygolites for 15 years and they have been the best… But lately I’m having problems with them (new lights) staying on for even one bike ride… They are charged, but just won’t stay lit. I’m gonna charge it a couple more times and see… Otherwise I’ll be sending it back.

  5. Loved my other Cygolite, don’t love this one.This light shuts off before I am done with my ride. I am old. I dont ride that far, the light shouldn’t run out of power before I get home. Also, the mount will not stay tight enough to keep the light pointed in the right direction, after about 5 minutes it points down. Pretty dangerous to have to ride home in the dark.

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