CYGOLITE Metro Plus– 800 Lumen Bike Light– 5 Night & 3 Daytime Modes– Compact & Durable – IP67 Waterproof– Secured

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Colour Black
Brand Cygolite
Material Plastic
Power source Battery Powered
Water resistance level Waterproof

  • Intense 800 Lumen USB rechargeable bicycle headlight in a sleek design that covers the range from road cycling to mountain biking
  • 9 modes (hours): Low (6: 30), Med (3), High (1: 30), Boost (1), Steady Pulse (3: 30), Daylighting (12), Triple Flash (18), Zoom (3: 30), Walking (110)
  • Steady Pulse alerts with pulses as its overlapping steady beam lights the night; Daylighting’s powerful flashes make you stand out in broad daylight
  • Extra wide, long range beam; USB charging; light activation lockout; low battery indicator; water resistant; weighs only 140 grams
  • Designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA


Cut through the darkness with the newly designed Metro Plus 800, unleashing an intense 800 lumens on roads and trails with exceptional brightness and clarity. Its cycling tuned lens maximizes your line of sight with an extra wide, long range, smooth beam. Not limited to night, its Daylightning mode makes you stand out in broad daylight to give you the advantage anytime, anywhere.

From the manufacturer

American USB rechargeable bike light

powerful night visible bike light

day visible flash usb rechargeable bike light

far and wide beam light

quality bike light

See More At Night

See farther and more clearly at night with proven high intensity brightness, backed by Cygolite’s three decades of proven expertise.

Better Daytime Safety

Cygolite’s daytime visible flashing modes feature lightning-like flashes to significantly increase motorist awareness and cycling safety during the day.

Precise Optics

Going beyond super bright LEDs, Cygolite’s cycling tuned optics shine an extra wide and far reaching beam fit for road and mountain.

Powerful and Consistent

While others claim high output but only last minutes before dimming sharply, Cygolite ensures maximum brightness for the duration of the run time.

american flashlight bike light

Leading the way since 1991.

When you ride with a Cygolite, you’re not just getting a bike light. You’re getting a light from a company that’s been committed to designing and manufacturing bicycle lights on the leading edge of safety since its founding in 1991.

It’s no wonder that so many of Cygolite’s innovations have been adapted into other lights, and why Cygolite consistently has been a leading choice among cyclists.

Every light is meticulously designed and engineered from the ground up and assembled with precision in Orange County, California, USA.

Additional information

Weight 136.08 kg
Dimensions 5.08 × 2.54 cm
Product dimensions

‎12.7 x 5.08 x 2.54 cm; 136.08 Grams

Item Weight

‎136 g





Item Model Number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

‎12 March 2018



10 thoughts on “CYGOLITE Metro Plus– 800 Lumen Bike Light– 5 Night & 3 Daytime Modes– Compact & Durable – IP67 Waterproof– Secured

  1. Great light, but a bit annoying when switching modes.Great brightness, and given I already had a cygolite mount this was an easy upgrade choice. Only issue I have is that the switching between modes (steady/boost/flashing) sometimes appears to be a bit hit and miss, and without a mode memory you always need to switch to your preferred mode after turning the light on. A minor quibble, but my Moon rear light has the memory mode feature making it a more seamless light to use.

  2. Best light I ever hadI used Cygolite Metro 500 before. Sadly my bike got stolen with the light.I bought the replacement and decided to upgrade a bit to 650. I think that is more than everyone should ever need and gives you very good timing from single charge.

  3. Good mid range lightCompact, easy to fit, doesn’t rattle on the handlebars.Nice and bright. I mostly use it for daytime visibility.Would recommend

  4. Bright light, good number of settings and mount holds tight.Very bright! The mount is excellent and holds the light firm, highly recommend this light.

  5. Lights up the dark city side streets!This has been a lifesaver, literally. It illuminated the path in front of me so well I avoided two huge potholes that otherwise would have flipped my bike (and me) if I hadn’t been able to avoid them. There were very few streetlights on the side street I had taken so without this light I would have been hurt pretty badly (it happened to me last year where I didn’t see a pothole in the dark and flipped over my handlebars landing me in the ER luckily without a concussion (I was wearing a helmet) but with scrapes and bruises all over.No bike should be without one of these!Highly recommend!

  6. Read directionsI owe Cygolite an apology: The troubles I had were solved by reading the directions.I also had trouble recharging the battery because I forgot one of the features I liked best on opening the package: It has a white USB cord to connect to the headlight for recharging. Ah, I thought. That means I won’t have to guess which cord to use.And when the time came I forgot to look for the white cord, and so had trouble recharging.The white cord is a brilliant touch when faced with a swarm of black cords!Thank you!

  7. Good overall light for street use.The 800 lumens bike light is a good overall light for the street daytime and night.I also have the 950 lumens too which I recommend over the 800 lumens version becausethe extra brightness helps at night when needed. If you ride at night in darker areas brighter is better.I had no problems mounting them onto two different bike handbars.

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